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There are taxis available from the airport to Kirchberg. Note that the 7.5km journey will cost roughly around 45€ (depending on the traffic). Taxis are available at the exit of the airport (main doors).

Train / Tram / Buses

You can get to Luxembourg-city and to Kirchberg by train, tram and bus.

Public transport is free in Luxembourg. The CFL app is very useful to show you how to get around using public transportation. It shows you the fastest routes, real-life updates on tardiness, maps, etc.

Here are the ways to get to the Kirchberg hotels as well as the Chamber of Commerce:

From the airport

Take bus 16 from stop Aéroport Luxembourg/Findel

  • to Kirchberg, Jean Monnet for Chamber of Commerce
  • to Kirchberg, B.E.I. for hotels

From the main train station (gare centrale)

Take the tram from Gare Centrale

  • to stop “Coque” for Chamber of Commerce
  • to stop “Europaparlament / Parlement européen” for hotels

Other helpful information

Here are some other websites that can help you plan your perfect stay in Luxembourg :

Luxembourg City Tourist Office

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