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The excursion will take place on Thursday August 25, at 2pm after lunch. We will meet outside the Chamber of Commerce and depart from there in three different groups. In order to allow us to plan accordingly, you will have to register for your excursion of choice. There are three options for you to choose from:

Bock Casemates

a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Bock Casemates, a subterranean defense system made up of kilometers of tunnels, is today one of the most important visitor sites in Luxembourg. These underground galleries were initially carved in the 17th century, under Spanish rule, and subsequently twice extended.
We offer you a private tour of the Casemates, as well as access to restricted areas.

This tour is available for 2 groups and the number of participants is therefore restricted. If you would like to participate in this excursion, please make sure to sign up early on.

Steep hills, stairs, surface area 1,100 ㎡, 7 m wide

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Wenzel Circular Walk

The Wenzel Circular Walk guides visitors through the millennial history of the city of Luxembourg. This walk brings you to the oldest quarters of Luxembourg City as well as to some of the fortress works, which were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994. During this walk, you will discover, among many others, the Bock promontory (the cradle of the city); the castle bridge which was built in 1735, as well as the Corniche, also known as the “most beautiful balcony in Europe”.

We offer a private tour of this Walk for interested participants.

Steep circuit with stairways and climbs.

3 hours

Certain parts are not passable with strollers and wheel chairs!

Esch-Belval blast furnaces

The blast furnaces of Belval that form part of the City of Science are a major tourist attraction and cultural highlight. You can climb up more than 180 steps to reach a height of 40m in blast furnace A, as part of a guided tour led by former steelworkers. From there you have an amazing view of a unique ensemble of urban buildings. An exhibition in the Massenoire building provides an introduction to the university quarter and describes the history of the iron and steel industry and the development of the southern part of Luxembourg.

180 steps, 40 meters high

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